MayanGlow Map with Approximate Route of this Crossing

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A commemorative display of the first members of a family lineage to cross to the New World, depicting a historically appropriate map of the era and the approximate route of this Crossing.

You have finished specifying the overall look and feel of your Commemoration. The next set of steps will, form top to bottom, tailor your RelationShips display to your story.

Resources First, say what you want your TitleBox to contain (see ProductAnatomy to see about the TitleBox)

Resources Now the Departure TextBox:

Resources Next, the Arrival TextBox:

Resources If you like you can add text centered at the lower part of the display, below the ship (if there is one):

Finally, you describe who participated in this momentous passage. This is placed on the plaque, with an optional header and footer if you desire. First a couple of examples:

Resources First Plaque Example - Limited Information Available:

Resources Another Example - All Information Available:

Now you begin to lay out the Plaque. If desired, add a Plaque Leader such as above:

Traveler's Names - from RelationShips' Who answers:

More names?, Contact us

Optional Plaque Trailer: